What Makes You Special?

Are we all special? Are we all unique and intricately made by the Father, such that we all have a special destiny that we should fulfill?

If the answer to those questions, in your mind, is Yes, then what is it that makes you special?

People point to the content of the second question to say, “We’re all made in the image of God, and He has a wonderful plan for us.” By this, the suggestion is that the individual is special.

This is a complicated topic so don’t be dull of hearing, and fail to catch what I’m saying. Every individual is unique in many ways, from the fact that we all have different DNA and fingerprints, to we all have unique personalities that are developed by a combination of our genes, our nurture, and our experiences. We are all unique to God, in that he knows our name, and he knows the plans he has for each person. But, there were millions of people born before Christ who were not God’s people. How is it that after the cross, suddenly we’re all “special” to God but before the cross, there was only one nation that was God’s?

Some will quickly say, “Well, you said it, that was before the cross. Since then, grace has changed everything.” You are right, and yet, you are so very dramatically WRONG.

First, how are you right? Well, Jesus died for all men, for all time (Hebrews 9:24-28; 10:10-14). Jesus made a way for all mankind to be translated into God’s kingdom. God, through Jesus, has created a family to which we can all belong. God’s not willing that any should perish, but that all should get saved. (2 Peter 3:9) These things are all true, and all available to every person because of the cross.

Second, how are you wrong? Despite the current trend in the world to think that we’re all inherently good, and that we all “deserve” the best, the Bible tells us a few things that contradict that pattern of thought.  Jeremiah 17:9 states, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?”  Ponder that for a moment.

Don’t try to counter that as being from the Old Testament, and that Jesus changed it. That is also wrong. At least, it’s wrong in the way that you’re thinking. You’re right, if you’re talking about a believer. Those hearts have been changed. Paul wrote that the old man was dead, and that we have a new man (heart); but you have to receive what Jesus did to have that happen. You have to do what Romans 10:9-10 say, and confess Jesus and believe on him in your heart. That’s the only way to be saved. (No other name under heaven whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12).

Jesus GREW in wisdom and stature, and in favor with GOD and man. If Jesus had to GROW, what makes us think we don’t, that we’re so special to God that he’s just going to dump it all on us? And how did Jesus grow? He went to synagogue (church), and he studied the scriptures. He spent time in prayer. He had a relationship with his father. He took some action to GROW.

If there was anyone ever born, who was special from birth, it was Jesus. Yet, Jesus didn’t assume that he was special, he was deliberate about growing “in favor with God.”

Are we being deliberate about growing? Do we understand what God has said about grace? “The grace of God …(is) teaching us that denying ungodliness, we should live soberly (showing self-control), righteously, and godly in this present age, (Titus 2:12). Stop allowing yourself to be blinded by the deception of the enemy. First, if someone is NOT saved (born again) they are not a “good person,” that we just need to be nice to. They are a sinner on the greased pole to hell, and we need to tell them the truth. YES, we need to tell them the truth in love, and yes, we need to show them a loving nature, not a hell and damnation preacher. But, if we LOVE them, we will both demonstrate that we’re different because of what Jesus did in us, and we’ll tell them about what Jesus did for them.

What makes us special is what Jesus did, but once we’re in that place we need to do like Jesus and draw near to the Father and demonstrate his love and power. 

Remember what I say often, God loves you JUST as you are, but he loves you FAR TOO MUCH to leave you that way.

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