What Defines You

So adversity, circumstances, trials, for example, most would agree have tended to change a lot of us over time and what we’re going through seems to have a louder voice than what he has said through his son and all of a sudden our motive is just to get help from God in the moment. Instead of becoming more like him in the moment so we bear witness of him in that moment. The reason people pray to not go through trials is because they’re afraid of fire. But when you honor the Lord and not the fire he’s the fourth man that always shows up. So, when you go through the fire you can’t even tell the person was in the fire. When they go through it by faith. An Old Covenant story that should wreck us is there’s three guys who are going to get thrown into a fire. They weren’t even fazed by the thought. They said Oh King what is your fire to us? We don’t even have a need to answer you in the matter. The fire was certain death in the natural. They said it isn’t the point. The fire isn’t the point. It’s who we worship and who we bow to that’s the point and we believe we’re going to stand before him someday. We aren’t bound to you. You’re not the Lord! Your image is not the Lord. We are not bowing King! That’s what they were saying. He got enraged and turned it up seven times hotter. Why? Because when the thing increases that’s when we change. You get prayed over for cancer, it’s easy to pray, we gather oil we get the music right, weeping, Jesus come, we know the word, we got so many scriptures, we can pray. You go back to your doctor for your tests and the numbers are a little higher. That’s when you find out what you believe. Sometimes it just gets a little hotter. Does that change truth? Does that change your original stand? Does that change Him? Does that change the finished work? Does that change the promises? So are we going to define God through our lives or are we going to define our lives through him? Are we finding God as we go, or did we already find him through his son? Are we rooted and grounded in love? Are we still trying to prove love through life?