The Hardest Thing

In the previous post, The Process of Faith, we discussed how walking through that process helped save Dodie Osteen’s life in 1981. We looked at the process of sowing, watering, weeding and feeding, and seeing a harvest. You can read that here. The thing is, while everything that was said is true, walking out the process seems … Read more

The Process of Faith

I’m sure that most readers have heard of Joel Osteen. Perhaps, because of that, you’ve heard of his father, John, and his mother, Dodie. John passed away in 1999, leading to Joel stepping in as pastor of Lakewood Church, Houston, TX. Dodie had another trial in her life, before losing her husband. She was diagnosed … Read more

What Defines You

So adversity, circumstances, trials, for example, most would agree have tended to change a lot of us over time and what we’re going through seems to have a louder voice than what he has said through his son and all of a sudden our motive is just to get help from God in the moment. … Read more

Blessed By God?

Can God bless us apart from faith? Some people think that God only blesses us based on his whim or desire, that faith has little, if anything to do with it. Others think it is 100% faith, that if you don’t “believe” you don’t receive. These points are polar opposites, so which is the truth? … Read more