King of Kings!

     In the U.S. and in the world, things are crazy, right now. In my lifetime I have not seen so many people who call evil good, and good evil. In the U.S., we are being bombarded with lies, left and right, concerning so-called “systemic racism.” The irony is, we are being labeled this by black people who have made millions of dollars, living and working in this nation, the freest, least racist society in the history of the world. At least, it was.

     We have had numerous people of color elected to office, become lawyers, physicians, millionaire athletes, and enjoy strong middle- and upper-class benefits. How would that be possible in a society which is allegedly as racist as we are supposed to be?

     We are assailed by what have turned out to be numerous hoax hate crimes. Why? Because they cannot find enough real hate crimes, so they have to make them up. In the absence of real aggression, we are being told that it is “micro-aggressions” that depict just how truly endemic the racism is. And they get to define what is a micro-aggression.

     Add to all this, the pandemic. Now, remember, a pandemic does not have to involve a serious disease, all it has to do is be a disease that is easily transmissible, and that has crossed multiple borders. COVID-19 has met that criteria. Of course, it is serious, in that any disease that can result in death is something to fight against. However, the cure has become far worse than the cause. Lockdowns and mask orders have only slowed transmission enough to make it harder for societies to build up herd immunity. Meanwhile, economies are being destroyed, lives are being ruined. Those who have embraced the fear, believe they are “saving lives.” Why? Because they are watching only the information sources that give that information. Meanwhile, suicides have increased, people with other diseases and conditions have died, family finances are being wiped out. All in the name of a false compassion that is really selfishness hiding in plain sight. If it were not so, those people would be willing to take the risks the virus presents, in order to save all the other things that are being destroyed.

     Hospitals are going bankrupt. So, the future of our lives is at greater risk, but we had to “flatten the curve” to save the hospitals, didn’t we? Tens of thousands of health care workers are losing their jobs, but that is a small price to pay, to save “one life,” isn’t it?

     By now, you may be thinking that I have segued over into politics and meddling. You would be right, a little. I am expressing my disgust with a political environment in which the blessings of our great country are being exchanged for personal power and control. Where the lives of individuals matter less than the power of the groups that people have chosen to identify with. The freedoms of the United States are being eroded faster than a mud bank in a flash flood. It is a tragedy for the world, as the last great beacon of hope and liberty is being stuffed under a bushel. But, compared with what is to come, this is a comfortable Spring day and we are all having a picnic.

     A few highlights from The Revelation. Waters will be turned to blood. A third of the stars will fall from the sky. A third of all vegetation will die. A third of all sea creatures will die. A third of all animals will die. Boils will be ubiquitous. Locusts will sting like scorpions. People will be beheaded for being believers in Christ, by government. Family members will betray each other. It will take up to two-days wages to buy bread. Famines will afflict the food supply. There will be a mark (or a chip) that will control all buying and selling.

     I know we can see the young sprouts of some of these things, now. But there will be no comparison to the level of misery that will be experienced on the earth, during the tribulation period. Today, we often see people commit suicide when things seem hopeless. They convince themselves death is an out. It is unfortunate that an unbeliever makes such a choice because death is only the beginning of their suffering. At least, though, they can persuade themselves it is an escape and take that route. There will come a time in the tribulation, when mankind’s misery will be at a peak and people will beg for death, but it will be denied them. Imagine how bad it must be to have thousands of people wanting to die. Imagine how much worse it will be when they cannot die.

     Yes, things are terrible today. Yes, they will be magnitudes worse during the tribulation. But thanks be unto God, for the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God and of his Christ! Jesus will wipe away all tears. There is a resurrection for believers that will result in us ruling and reigning with our great King of Kings! And today, we are already “more than conquerors” through our great King, Jesus!

     The heart of the Father is for no one to “perish”. He wants all of us to repent and join his family and be a part of that great Army that comes back with him. He calls to you today, to be Transformed! To receive the one, true savior, Jesus Christ. And when you do, to learn of him and become Transformed in your mind, so you live out the righteousness that he creates within those who believe. He loves you beyond measure and has given you his absolute best to prove it and to make a way into his family. You may not have been able to pick your family when you were born, but you get to choose to be a part of God’s family, now. Glory!


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