Can We Move the Mountain?

In our previous post, we began to look at faith and unbelief, or not faith (see Mountain Moving Faith). We’re going to wrap this up in this post, and hopefully, give you some understanding (see that post here).

Romans 10:17 tells us that Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. In John 6:63, Jesus told us that the word is spirit and life.

As we have already discussed, it is our meditation that gives us understanding. But it is our meditation on God’s word, not on our experiences or on what other people say. As we ponder on the authority that God has promised in his word, then we grow in faith to cast out demons or raise the dead. If we consider or are moved by people being thrown down and convulsing, or by someone dying whom we prayed for, or by taking a stand and not seeing any immediate results, then we are being stopped by unbelief.

I did not say that you don’t have faith. As the man declared, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief!” He was standing before Jesus with his son because he had heard of what Jesus had done. Perhaps he had even been in the crowds when Jesus healed all manner of sickness and diseases, or when he had cast out demons. He didn’t bring his son to Jesus that day because he DIDN’T believe. No, he brought his son to Jesus because he did believe that Jesus had done these things. He’d seen them, or he’d heard about them from enough people to be convinced.

But what had he also seen?

For years, he had been seeing his son being thrown down and convulsed by the demon, and no matter what he did nothing was changing. Years of feeling frustration, fear, anger, and despair. Now, he had new hope because of what he heard and saw, but that picture, that tiny picture of his son being healed was battling with the entrenched, frightening, anguish-filled picture of his son suffering and convulsing.

Two things we see in the struggle. First, he tried to put the responsibility on Jesus. In the final place the story is recorded, Mark 9:14-29, we find that Jesus asked the man how long this had been going on. The man explained that it was since the boy was very small and then he said, “But if you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” Jesus did not accept this man’s interpretation as if the man had no part in the matter.

Mark 9:23, Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

In that moment, the man took a stand. He cried out, “I believe!” But he recognized that there was opposition to his faith. “Help my unbelief!”

We must take a stand of faith. We must. There is no exception. If we don’t, if we allow unbelief, if we allow what we see, think, and feel (especially feel), control us then there will be no victory. No healing. No deliverance. We must take a stand of faith. And we cannot do so without knowing and understanding the word. Even this man, when talking to Jesus, came to realize that he was looking at the source of deliverance. He had to choose, and he cried out, “Lord, I believe!”

However, also understand that when your faith is bloodied and bruised from the battle with unbelief that others, and even the Lord, can stand and add their faith to yours. I would encourage you to move past having to call on others for every stand of faith, but when we are in the struggle we can have help. It doesn’t mean we’ve failed, it means we recognize the struggle and we’re humble enough to call for help.

But also remember that Jesus told the father of this boy, “All things are possible to him who believes.” Notice that word, All. That word means “all,” but it means all that Jesus has provided. It doesn’t mean you can believe to win the lottery, or to take another person’s spouse. It does mean that you can believe to be healed, delivered, given wisdom, or live prosperously, because all of these things were given to us in Christ.

When we are believing for these things, as well as for some family member to be saved or healed, we must believe without wavering. (James 1) If we waver, we should realize that we will receive nothing from the Lord. Wavering is not momentary questions, that we shortly reject. Wavering is being tossed between two thoughts or opinions. We flip faster than a hotcake on a griddle. When we waver, we don’t receive.

This not receiving is not because God is withholding, or because he doesn’t want us to have it, but because we’re not receiving it. John 3:27 tells us we must receive what is given to us from heaven.

We receive, and we do that by faith. Just as Jesus said, if we have just a very little bit of faith, that we apply without wavering, then we can see even mountains move, if necessary. But Faith comes from hearing the word and meditating on it until it means more to us than everything we ever thought or believed before.

Remember, God loves you, and so do I!

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